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Equipment setting

Equipment setting, moving, idiomatic expressions or installation in the spread and adjustment of plant lines is vital to many industrial works, where accuracy adjustment and heavy apparatus is required, sometimes in challenging. Wheel ride specialize in this type of skilled works.

Importance of equipment maintenance:

Here are some of the long term advantages of preventative equipment maintenance: Extend equipment lifespan and decreased the need for having to purchase new equipment. Prevent chance downtime which can be costly and break in the producing process. Avoid the need for costly renovate due to oversight.

Benefits of equipment setting:

  • Shorter lead
  • Increased capacity
  • Delayed
  • Capital equipment buy avoided
  • Better quality
  • More constituent process
  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Improved cash flow
  • Less inventory
  • Increased flexibility to meet client demands
  • Better utilization of your workforce
  • Less process variability

Four main step of equipment setting:

These are followings steps:

Establishing stable machine operating conditions and environment:

These are avoided controls that decreased sources of variation before machining starts.

Process setting:

Which deals with the expected sources of variation, such as location of the part, size of tools and offset-anything that could cause a non-conforming first part.

In-process control:

In-process control re-claims clever response to the process.

Post-process monitoring:

It often done offline, ensures both the process and part are regarded beside stipulation.